Grasmere shore path
Birkrigg lichen Crummock Water Sandstone Pool Shaun Williamson - stonemason


Guest speakers at a heritage conference organised by Val for Barrow BC l-r PhD student Victoria Lawson, Simon Taylor and Dr Adam Menuge from English Heritage, former BBC Environment correspondent John Barwise

AEdifico Cumbria recognises that its activities have the potential to have an adverse impact on the environment. Those impacts are likely to arise from the following activities: Quarrying, transport, fuel consumption for heating, power tools and office equipment, use of stationery, occasional use of non-naturally occurring products in the construction process are the examples that come to mind readily.

We shall deliver projects that are as sustainable as possible. We shall not deliver projects that require an unacceptable impact on the environment. We shall recycle stone and other materials wherever possible.

We shall use a project-orientated environmental management system, based on sound principles of EMS, that can be adapted to all areas of our work. Our work shall also help to enhance the environment that people live and work in.

We analyse our own triple bottom line, looking at the effects on society and the environment as a measure of success. The future of our local and global environment will have precedence in business planning, as will our social aims.

Traditional skills and materials lend themselves to built facilities in leisure areas, including those areas with protected status. AEdifico Cumbria can create assets that will enhance our green public spaces, using materials and designs that are sympathetic to the environment and developing ideas from those who use, know and cherish those places.